Wednesday, October 21, 2009


After my good news that my BP was in the 'normal range'   The Doctor convinced me I had to have the Panvax HINI Vaccine.  She knows how I hate any extra medication or injections, but then she also knows how to get around me, telling me that if I contacted the virus then The Scot would most definitely get it, and it would be dangerous for him.  So I had the jab.  Usually with the flu jab my arm swells goes very red, but this time... nothing although I have felt  a little off colour this past few days but nothing to complain about.

The Scot had his jab this afternoon and he told her, he hopes he doesn't get any reaction after my non reaction.

But he has been keeping himself busy this week....

Man at Work

when he gets something into to head. I find it best to just let him go with it.  after having my two pence worth of course.

The Native Shrubs we planted on the side fence line are now coming into flower.

This is the Bottle Brush, the red is truly magnificent.

The King Protea.  I have always loved these flowers from the first time I saw them.  The Protea Bush has been there about four years now, and The Scot had given up hope.  But I kept telling him that Natives take a while to settle in.  Well worth the wait, there are three flowers on it this year.

Whilst not working outside, I have been busy with my Stitchers Angel gifts.
I just can't believe how long they are taking me.  The tape measure still needs a tassle and the embroidery is going to be made into a needlecase.


Jules said...

Ha! Now you see how telepathic I can be! Whilst commenting about being concerned about non blogging (Very impatient me!)just moments ago, another spooky happening occured. I text my neighbour to ask about any post for us - no parcels he replied. Then another text from him - Funny, just heard postie van and there was your parcel, from Australia!
Thank you SO much Birdy - I can't wait to get home next week now and see Chloe's Cuddles for myself!
Then I dashed from the ironing board once again to tell you it had arrived - and saw your new blogging activity!
What fun to see what you and The Scot have been doing. Oh boy, no wonder you have been lying low!!! He looks pretty fearsome with that Mattock - any neighbours left?
The flowers are lovely - keep him well away.... Roflo x

DivertiCreando said...

Hi Sheila,
I'm very happy you didn't have any strange reaction after flu jab!! (I'm learning just now wat's "jab"!!! italian "vaccino").
I hope The Scot doesn't have too!!

what a beautiful day in Australia! Here today is dull and cloudy ... winter is just coming!!


Julie said...

Finally a moment to catch up on last weeks Flaunters.......Love seeing The Scott so energetic and full of life, especially seeing him swing the maddock with such evil enjoyment!!

Bron McCoy said...

Hi Hops,

I do hope you have as much enjoyment from your King as we had from its heydey, there would be around 25 blooms. Sadly, it died from old age (we think).

Love Bron.