Monday, October 12, 2009


I guess I really lost the plot with haunted, two days and not a single post..  Not even about gardening or quilting let along Haunted.   So I guess I will admit that I did try.

Now you will be wondering why I didn't post.    Is The Scot sick, did he have an accident with the chain saw..... no nothing so melodramatic

but he has been busy


In between cups of coffee and cold drinks, I too have been busy

and the back

Cuddles for Chloe, all finished.  A label to be added tonight, and then tomorrow it can wing its way across the world.


Jules said...

Truly amazed! What a wonderfully productive week plus, you two have had. The garden - or should we say - estate lawn - is looking very neat indeed! You will remove the body to tidy things up I trust birdy?!
Another body, lying prone is young Chloe. But not all day! Modern surgery is fantastic and has, by placing scaffolding on the inside, straightened her young body. With wires in her brain to help control spasms, this brave, determined lass may soon be warmily snuggled up in her wheelchair with that BEAUTIFUL quilt around her. She will love the patterns and colours and stay warm against the damp UK Autumn, Winter and Spring. (We have hopes of a warmer Summer!! LOL) Words cannot express how we feel. Harvest here - and what better use of the Harvest of talent you are showing. What do we say - feel the love........ Thank you,x

retdairyqueen said...

Lovely Chloe will love it

ozjane said...

Waiting with bated breath to see what is going to replace the hedge.
I am are removing.
The strange life cycle of a garden.
Love the quilt.

Barn Owl said...

You have both been very busy
Everything looks great

:ove the quilts very much.

Yjey will be overjoyed with them/

Love to you both Now have a rest and enjoy the Labours ( of the Boss Man Haha )

Anonymous said...

So good to see a post! I was about to send the posses (sp?)...well, maybe not to that length, but an email! I love the backing of the quilt, so warm looking. I also love the lawn...hmmm...maybe a chainsaw would help my Frenchman! :)

Fiesta said...

I love how your landscape has turned out, Great job Scot! and I love Chloes quilt.