Tuesday, October 06, 2009



This post a day on "haunted' is really making my little grey cells work.

Today I was thinking about 'haunting melodies'   what melodies haunt you.  The one that really makes me shudder is 'The Last Post'.  I often wonder what it is that makes me feel this way.  I can't associate it with the World War II,  unless its a hidden memory.  I was born at the end so can only remember ration books and when we took our Annual Holiay we would often see ruins of buildings that had been bombed out.  This was on the coast.  I lived in the Midlands and the closest to an air raid was when Coventry Cathedral was bombed.
 I visited this magnificant building in 1993, they have left the ruins, and you walk through the shell to get to the new cathedral. 

Strangely I got that same haunting feeling when standing there, as with "The Last Post"
The other melody that haunts me and can bring tears to my eyes is Silent Night, but then that my Mother's favourite Christmas Carol so I understand that one.

Progress on The Chain Saw Massacre
Day 3 

Yes we are going to buy a new letterbox, that one is not big enough for all my parcels :)


Barn Owl said...

Now what is HE thinking
Shell I???

retdairyqueen said...


Sally Westcott said...

Sheila, you made me cry!

I first saw Coventry Cathedral when I was 11 (1965 but don't tell). We were on a family pilgramige on behalf of my great uncle (he was the two grandfathers who died before I was born). He was a very special man. He was in both World Wars. He was in coventry when it was bombed and was one of the Australian soldiers who used the burnt beams to make the cross! I have the most vivid memories of that place. Yes - to me it is haunted - a very friendly ghost.

Hugz - you have October going really well!

Jules said...

Wow - what great comments here - especially Sally's.
We went to stay with friends in 1964 and I straight away had to stay in bed due to a threatened miscarriage with our first baby. John went to the Catherdral and remembers that picture well. He also thinks part of the wood used in the cross came from Germany - linking the two countries in Peace.
Silent Night was of course sung by the two sides at Midnight on Dec 25th during the first world war. My Grandfather wrote about it. He was killed just before the end of WW1 on the front line.
Music - ah yes.... moves the deepest emotions.