Thursday, October 08, 2009



Today is a 'happy haunted'.   All  colours, all sizes, up and down just a happy haunted.

Why?   ..    ..   ..   Today The Scot had to visit The Pest Exterminator.  He told him that I had let him go on his own because I was no longer worried. 
The PE was very pleased with The Scot, felt under his arms, checked his weight and generally looked him over, going through the large pile of scans that had acquired..  He was well pleased with Him.   I had given The Scot instructions on any questions to ask, and if he didn't understand to get the PE to write it down.  Threatening to ring if I wasn't satisfied.
The Scot told me that he had gained the impression that it was fairly serious last year and how close he had been to finding out what was beyond.  Durrrr he only realised that now, well thank goodness really, he thought he could just pop a pill and it would be cured.  Oh to be innocent and I let him remain so, well actually I think he almost slept the whole year away, 

The Scot left me at the Shopping Centre with instructions for him to phone me as soon as he came out, and we would meet up.  Oh the joy of 'shelf shopping' on my own, and they even had some Christmas goodies coming in.   I did some supermarket, then purchased the Age Newspaper and treated myself to a Vanilla Cone and sat and waited, and waited and waited.   No phone call..... should I ring,  ummm I could just see the scene and the Scots face.   So I decided to just sit and wait.

Then just as I finished someone tapped me on the shoulder, he hadn't rung but just surprised me.

And the Young Lady who I asked you to 'think of' yesterday, came through the operation, the last I heard they were going to wake her in about 3 hours but will keep her sedated. Just going to do x-rays and set up sedation and pain relief :-) , but the Surgeon was well pleased with the operation.

And a dear blogging friend (who I intend to actually visit this year)  could do with your fuzzies, prayers, whatever you do.  The Retired Dairyqueen @

I think we must have here somthing like "A Prayer Circle" there are so many of us with this 6 degrees of separation, who need a friendly hi, a cyber hug, a fuzzie or a prayer.

Oh how fortunate we are to live in today with all its technology.


Fiesta said...

That is good news that the Scot is doing well. So ohysicians there are called Pest Exterminators? I learn so much from your blog Shiela.

Jules said...

Wow - what a day and those fuzzies certainly work! A lovely blog! I will visit the next patient's blog now - just doing the rounds.

Fiesta - sheila has her own names for physicians - she retains her British humour, but they would probably understand their new title and laugh. If you have sickness, just call the Pest Exterminators to get rid of it.

The word verification is perfe. A perfe day what?! xxx