Friday, October 02, 2009



Today I will do my Friday Flaunt and 'haunted' post together.

The Princess bought The Scot a hedge cutter, see yesterdays post.

He has been asking for a CHAIN SAW for a few years now.   but I have put my big foot down and firmly said NO CHAIN SAW.
No way did I want a Chain Saw Massacre on my front door.

Anyway he has been nagging just like wifes men do  No1 Son has been giving him Bunning Gift Vouchers for presents, so this morning he went and purchased this.

As we all know he reads the Instructions from the very first to the very last word, and then doesn't understand them.

This morning bright and early, no chance of a hand to do the dishes we were out there working playing

I just just have to tell you this, he was cursing and saying it was useless and wouldn't work
guess what
he hadn't pushed the ON button to ON.     roflo

I did nag and made sure it was a lightweight one and the blade

might do for carving the Sunday Roast

Whilst he was busy having fun, I repotted my cumquart tree.   There is a long story to this but it is now on the patio sheltered with its back to the wall for warmth.


Fiesta said...

ok, Sheila you really could have avoided this. The more tools, ( I mean toys) he has the less quilting supplies you have.
You really need to take this matter into control. Can you slice some fabric with the saw instead of a rotary cutter????

Jules said...

Now I really like the idea of using it for carving the roast... Makes sense to me. Will you and the neighbours have any trees left? I see you have carefully planted your tree in a pot - is this so you can nip out and hide it when the saw comes out of the toy box? I do have fun picturing you two........

Barn Owl said...

There mist be a reason why Men never grow into real Men
maybe because????

cinzia said...

Why do men always want a chain saw? Big boy toy I assume

Frou said...

I love following your antics! And admire your commitment to a post a day!

Maybe I should do a post on a WIP a day, would probably take me the better part of a year!

Elaine Adair said...

Tooooo smarty alec you and tooooo funny about the ON button! ROTFLOLOLOL