Wednesday, October 07, 2009



Seven Days into the 'haunted month' I still have one or two ideas but it is getting more difficult.

Today I present.......

It looks like we have seen a ghost

but in actual fact it was taken on the top of a mountain, during one of the last holidays The Princess spent with us.

The Progress Report on the Chain Saw Massacre.

Hi Ho Hi Ho Its off to work we go
he is such a happy little worker, only requiring a cuppa now and then, oh and I do let him have a tea break.

The Scot came into lunch and said, I've met so many new people,  then names people who have lived in the street for more than 20 years.    Its just that when he was working, he would leave home at 6.30 am not getting home until about 6.30 p.m. and consquently didn't get to know any of the neighbours.

I think the whole Street is watching the progress of our front garden.   Wonder if they think we are tidying up before we sell.  hahaha they can't get rid of us that quickly.

And while The Boy plays with his chainsaw, after I have washed the dishes, made the bed, put the washing on, prepared the tea I then go to sew  (oh I do like to go on dont I?)

Today I would ask you to whatever your heart tells you but please think and send your warmest thoughts and fuzzies to a Young Lady, just about 14 who is having a very serious operation today.  And also to the Surgeons and Nursing Staff involved.
I am making her a cuddle quilt.   she visites her grandmother often and they take her out in the wheelchair but she gets so cold.   So a rugged cuddle quilt with lots of love stitched in will soon  be winging its way to the UK.


Barn Owl said...

Sis . She is going to love that and will be so pleased with it.
Our prayers are with Her, all the family.
and all who are concerned with the Operation.

Fiesta said...

Sheila that Scot is truly bustin his tail working. Are you really moving?

Jules said...

Sorry, can't see what I am typing. You are SO kind and it is greatly appreciated I know..... Beautiful.

Also your Scot - he just cracks me up! Fantastic!

So keep going Snow White, the dwarf - whoops,sorry, Happy will soon return from the coalface demanding meat! Luvs ya. x