Friday, October 23, 2009


Yesterday's blog post was more interesting, but I now have these all ready for posting

As mentioned I was getting to feel ready to push the Panic Button.  But having worked at these all week, I can now send them on time for once.  I am usually at least a couple of days late.

And just to remind you

Can someone please tell me why, when doing something and then checking five minutes later, one either see a long dark thread on the quilt photo, or as in this case

its 62 sleeps until Christmas

Its only
 39 more sleeps until The Quilts get hung, and the decorations come out.


Jules said...

Now don't they look just prerty! Lovely - but keep the sun off them! So far we have looked at cards - yep - LOOKED, not made or bought, apart from three which are a bit special!!! Well done you! Better start on next years then now!!! LOL. The decorations are being hung every weekend here in the small town we are staying in. They should all be up and very splendid well before Christmas. Volunteers spend each weekend climbing towers and using lifts in order to get the season going in the Forest of Dean.

retdairyqueen said...

You are so good to keep reminding us just how close christmas is
Thanks a lot

Fiesta said...

your packages look so ready to go. I just got done wrapping the swap ones last night. I like how you have your quilts hanging.

Narelle said...

Your swapees are going to be very happy when their mailpersons arrive!
It's starting to get a little exciting or scary depending on how organized you are ... me? ... not one bit organized I'm afraid.