Tuesday, October 27, 2009


how much of our Creativity do we inherit from our parents......or our ancestors.

firstly... I am a passionate quilter..... not brilliant, and much to the chargrin of The Scot definitely not a perfectionist just a person who loves quilts.  I love to look at them, I love to feel them, I love to make them.   Well most of the time.  Some of the time you will hear bad words over the music in the sewing room and if you were here you would have to duck quite often as things get thrown across the room into the box in the corner.   I have learnt now.  I don't throw them into the bin, upon looking at them the next day sometimes they dont look so bad after all.

I get very distracted by bells and whistles and love to try out new things.  Resulting in many a UFO (unfinished object),

My daughter, The Princess had a dabble at quilting and cross stitch,and if she takes it up in her old age she will be a Quilter to contend with.   But alas she  has no interest much preferring horses and outdoors.                                               She stitched the flower blocks but then I finished this quilt for her.   She lives on the border of Victoria and NSW  and although it gets very hot in summer, it gets very cold in winter.  The very thick batting was used and I tied it.   But The Princess loves it.                                                                  She also loves and appreciates all that I make, always asking what I am doing if she rings.   So I know my quilts, if not the stash will get saved when I pass onto bigger and better things.

My Mother was a great knitter.   But I feel sure that this was for practical purposes and not pleasure.  I was born at the end of World War II  and I think we were quite poor moneywise, but rich otherwise.  I don't think Mother had time for pleasures like I do.

My Sister http://barnowl101.blogspot.com/ is an excellent seamtress.  I remember she helped, well actually I think she probably did most the sewing, of my weddingdress and that of my bridesmaids. 

I do know she wanted to be a designer or seamstress but as we were poor she had to go into office work.  A great loss of talent.  She does beautiful cross stitch.  She stitched one for me recently
Her elder daugher, http://slightimperfections.blogspot.com/   one of my three nieces, is also an excellent cross stitcher.   She has  cross stitched some beautiful pieces.

She has now started quilting which makes it nice to have more than one quilter in the family.                                                                         This This was one of my favourite quilts that I sent her last December as she was saying how cold it was in England.
.This was a new method which I just had to try and it turned out so well.   notice the thread on the quilt, always  happens to me.

When the kids were very young, I had 3 in 36 months, I would knit jumpers and sew overalls for the boys and made dresses for The Princess. 
No1 Son learnt when he first started work, how to wash and iron his clothes, he could also sew a button on.   But the turning up of trousers he gave to me,  but he learnt fast if he wanted me to do it he had to wait until  I was sitting down, then present me with the said garment and the needle and thread.  That way it got done straight away.  ummm The Scot is still learning.   Which reminds me he keeps asking where his last two shirts are, he wants then made into short sleeved ones.   Better tidy the sewing room to find them.

And a funny story I must tell you.   Middle Son was at kindergarten and they were making little presents to bring  home for Mum for Christmas.   Apparently MS was told repeatedly he could just use the large tacking stitches, but he insisted on turning the hem and using as small a stitch as he could.  I was rather chuffed at this.  Maybe he would have given Ricky Timms a run for his money.   lol  but no  he now works as a Volunteer Fireman and likes the land.
 But I will just leave you with this photos.  I will leave you towrite your own caption .    roflo


Jules said...

That is lovely Birdy! Shame I have never used my creative gene in the way you have but I love materials and seldom throw any out - well, they might be just what I'm looking for one day! Lol

At jumble sales here, if any jumble is left over, someone collects it for recycling. Most of the old unsold dresses etc go to be made into rags! Ahhhh! Much against my instincts, which are to re-create something beautiful! One day! Roflo. Daughter's quilt is beautiful, how lovely to have made it together, so to speak. Happy memories. As for the boys.... good training. Like Tailors and Chefs, men are often Very Good!

Fiesta said...

Great story Sheila. My family too has a lineage of crafters all making money with their talent except me. My brother makes tile mosaics, my sister makes dolls and my mother makes jewelry.
I love the quilt your daughter made.

Vickie said...

aww what a lovely bit of family love you have shared with us so sweet...unfortunately for me none of my siblings sew...love the quilt you and your daughter contributed to making..oh and that last photo..says to me.."oh man whatcha going on about this is easy",cheers vickie

Elaine Adair said...

Creativity? My mother was artistic (painting) but not otherwise. She encourages to keep our hands busy and DO something and NEVER complain of boredom! My Dad could make anything of wood, iron, mechanical, etc.

Do I LOVE that log Cabin or do I LOVE that Log Cabin!!! It's a beauty!