Saturday, October 03, 2009



At last some stitching - this has taken me quite a while as I am new to beading.  I took barnowls advice and put a tub for the tree to sit in.  This is for the 4 Seasons Swap

And more on the Chain Saw Massacre.

This is what The Scot is playing at.   I should mention that the hedge has seen better days, it was planted when we first moved into the house in 1968 so I think it fair enough that it can now provide mulch for new plans.

This is The Scot having fun.


What more can I say except .......Watch this space for new developments.


Fran C said...

your stitched and beaded Christmas is lovely.

Sue said...

Well some trees come and some trees go. I love your beaded one.

retdairyqueen said...

Glad to see the Scot is enjoying his new toy
Love your beaded tree
I like beading Well done

Jules said...

A mere ghost of it's former self! The beaded work is fantastic.
I am being given the dreaded eye for popping in to check your bog, when I should be helping to dig, prune, manure, replace and build the stone wall back up!!!
Byeeee x

Barn Owl said...

Love your 4 Seasons Swap
You made a good job.
Lets hopp the Chain Saw Man does the same.

Fiesta said...

Sheila are you sure I am not your 4 seasons swap partner??? that wall hanging would look great in my house. send the Scott too, he can trim my trees too, please , please.