Sunday, September 13, 2009



Well maybe PlayStation.  You may remember when the No1Son visited some while back in transit to Taiwan.   Well he left me his laptop.  The operating system was Vista and I was using XP.  He tried to convert me to Ubuntu.... but The Scot has been  experimenting with that one, and I wouldn't like to count the number of times he has reformatted his computer, so I decided to keep clear of that one.

I have been using the laptop in the lounge, its very handy for Cricket when I want to sit by the heater and sew whilst The Scot watches TV and I can keep us updated with the scores.  I do like this  wire less technology.

But things weren't too satisfactory, and so this afternoon, it was wet and windy, I conned The Scot into changing things around in The Computer Room.  We aren't really that posh that we have a special room.  Its just that when the kids left home, I took one for the sewing room, and The Scot acquired the other for himself, and as he has to keep his tools and lathes outside, it became known as The Computer Room.

So this is the new set up.


retdairyqueen said...

The wall hangings give it a lovely look

Sally Westcott said...

very tidy! very together! I love it! I just have a few things missing! Tidy being the most important one. And I agree , the wall hangings just give your space that special something!


Anonymous said...

I love it! And is that your tea cup? We are eyeing our son's room ;) too will be turned into a computer room with a daybed....not that I am pushing my son out, but I think that it may take him awhile to finish college.

Fiesta said...

I love it. The color on the walls make the wall hanging more visible.

Jules said...

Of COURSE you are posh! (I won't admit to having three empty bedrooms - because they are not empty I quess! My sewing machine is in one, photo albums - those old-fashioned things lol - in another and clothes which might fit one day, in the other!Plus if I say they are now certain rooms, the kids come back and I have to clear out again! roflo!) Looking good birdie. I am still clearing the comp out - but please don't let that stop you mailing! xxxx