Tuesday, September 08, 2009



How did I earn 20 dollars.

About 6 months ago, on a Sunday afternoon I was weeding the front garden and this young guy comes to the door and says would I mind answering a few questions in a survey.   I said yes, mainly because
I had the time,
I felt sorry for him as he said most of the people were not at home,
and mainly because I hate it when the newspapers report.... something that they say everyone likes.... and I haven't even been asked.

That was my downfall....... 1hour 10 mins, and a cold drink later we had just finished it, but I still had a written survey to complete,  plus another one for during the week on my TV watching.

I then had to post this, and I could redeem "a gift" for doing the survey.  I chose a 6 month subscription to a Gardening Magazine.

One of the questions was................ would I be willing to participate in future surveys.   oh why not,  in for a penny in for a pound.

I completed another on the internet.   Again a very long one, but didn't get rewarded for this one.  :o(

Then last week I received a phone call.  Would I be willing to participate in a survey, I needed to watch a
programme of their choice on the TV and then they would phone me the next day and ask me some questions.

My programme to watch was  SBS World News.   ( they didn't seem to have Dr. Who or Torchwood or Red Dwarf listed)

So last night tea was preared early, and I sat down to intently watch the news for one hour.

Just five minutes ago I had the phone call, answered some questions and hey


ummm some sewing threads or a fat quarter may be in order,  on no I forgot I told  The Scot I would share it with him now what can I buy for $10.


Fiesta said...

Give the Scot the gardening magazines. Keep the $20.00

Sally Westcott said...

Money for Jam!

Jules said...

Hahaha - I'm with Fiesta on that one! (The Scot was probably asleep during the news! lol)

Barn Owl said...

I agree with jules & Fiesta on that one.

Keep up the Surveys

Sue said...

At least everyone is in your favour. Keep it all and lend the Scot the magazines.