Sunday, September 06, 2009


it is the 6th day of Beautiful September in NABLOPOMO Land.

but it is also
The Scot received the obligatory greeting and small pressie from his wife.   Well I mean she was responsible for him being a Father.   :)
The Princess rang to chat.  We don't see The Princess very often as she lives on a property in the bush and keeps race horses when they can afford it. The present horse, is a bit of a rebel. Apparently it won't race. It loves to canter in practice, but just wont race. And to further add insult to injury she told The Scot today he has sore feet. Go figure?roflo. A Racehorse that wont race who also has sore feet. I somehow think he  really knows a soft touch..

 Middle Son, well Middle Son doesn't believe in these things.   Umm wonder if it might change if he has children. 
No1 Son is going to be motified when he reads this and realises he has forgotten, so its ok No1 Son leave a comment and Dad will read it.

Some photos
and this is what he did today.

and not only but also,   I wasn't going to mention "The Quilt" again.  But I am so pleased with it.

All ready for quilting.  I know just how too.  This really is growing on me,  I am not sure I can give it away.  Up bright and early and hopefully quilted and binding machined on, ready to hand stitch down tomorrow night.


retdairyqueen said...

I love it Really like the colours

Barn Owl said...

Whoever gets it will love it.

Sally Westcott said...

I think BarnOwl should get it! I would love it but gee! Not family.

Maybe you should keep it!

Travelling Phil said...

Please pass this onto Dad, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

Sorry I forget, Father's Day in Taiwan is on the 08 Aug (eight sounds like father).

I'll organise pressie online now and hopefully it should be delivered by the end of next week.

Jules said...

Ah........... So many repentant folk... well it IS Sunday lol!

I think TP can be forgiven, don't you? Bless him. Nice of Sarah to ring and as for R, well, true to himself, nothing wrong with raising strong minded offspring in my book! Chip off the old block maybe? Haha. Dad looks as if he had fun out in the garden with his man toy.
The quilt - now this is looking good - they do improve with being joined together I think. The colours are lovely and meet with Barn Owl's approval now, so with the seal of approval all round, everyone can relax and enjoy!!! LOL. Happy quilting birdy.
And congratulations Bill on fathering 3 lovely, independant offspring.x

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love the quilt and what nice photos of your family.

gwensmom said...

Your quilt is turning out wonderfully!
and I love that pic of the Scot and the kids. He's got that Pierce Brosnan look going on.

Lindi said...

It's saying "Keep me, Sheila!"
I know I'd keep it if I had made it. :D You could always make another one.