Thursday, September 03, 2009



Beautiful Quilts.  I think all my quilter readers will agree with this.
Today started out a beautiful sunny day, with just a little wind.   Great for the Solar Hot Water Heating.  Maybe I can con the Scot into letting me have all the money we will be saving to spend on fabric.
By 3.30 p.m  - typical Australian weather (4 seasons in 1 day) there was a thunderstorm with lots of rain, and it is now cold.
But I was nice and cosy in my sewing room.   
Now I am asking for honest comments here......
I am making a quilt for a friend.  
I personally think it is going to look fine, when quilted.  But then I do like 'scrap quilts'.
The Scot is no help, he likes everything to be orderly, square, matching fabrics, exactly, perfect etc. but I have told you all that before.  Oh and guess what.... we dont like the same colours :)
So I am asking for some honest comments here
do I
            change the blocks around
            shall I continue
or shall I put them in the Sin Bin Hopfully usable bin, and go back to the drawing board.
Oh the Scot thanks you for your nice comments yesterday.


Gina said...

Well I like it, but then these are my colours.
My rule of thumb is that if I like it then that's how it stays

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Barn Owl said...

Read my mail to you.

Fiesta said...

I like it the way it is.

DivertiCreando said...

I like it so much!! I like the colours too... it seems to be a rainbow ^^

Sally Westcott said...

Awesome! Don't change it!


Di said...

Personally Sheila I love it just the way it it.

Molly said...

It's gorgeous! I wouldn't change a made me gasp when I clicked over here.... I was just admiring a quilt the other day on some other blog that was very similar in design. It was squares like this, in black and white fabrics with yellow centers-----I may have to make one of those!

Jules said...

If you change it, it will not be your self expression and that is what I like about scrap quilts. It looks very cheery and will be cosy and bring a lot of joy. The warmth warms the body and the work warms the heart. x

cinzia said...

I have found that even non-quilters who generally don't like scrap will like a quilt once it is finished. Personally I love it.

retdairyqueen said...

I'm with all the others

Julie said...


Lindi said...

Love it!