Thursday, September 17, 2009


I was wondering what to write about today.  It has been a wet miserable day here in Melbourne.

We are trying to get all our old slides and photographs into digital form and The Scot has been scanning old photos, with/without my helpful comments.   Although he did tell me to get out and go to my sewing room at one stage lol.  It really is best if I leave him to it.   He doesn't believe in trial and error.   And numbers on the brain, he has to work everything out.

So I had found an old photo of myself which I thought I would make into a nice Scrapbook Page.

But now after checking the emails I can make a much better post.

You remember The Quilt.   The one I asked for lots of comments on, and my sister commented too.

Well I really covered my tracks well, or told a few white fibs, but you are allowed to do that when planning a surprise.

Do you think she likes it?

I wrapped it tightly, excluding some air to make it more compact, then wrapped it in green tissue paper.  Attaching a card to the front saying

HL please get the camera before Barnowl opens the parcel.

It is really fun planning a surprise.  Especially when it has to travel to the other side of the world.


Sally Westcott said...

I think she loves it! Barnowl looks like a very happy and content bird!

Well done Sheila!

Anonymous said...

Sisters, sisters! Yes, it shows o that she loves! And I am sure that you are still going to scrapbook about it! ;)

Jules said...

Oh how LOVELY! I was in on this 'secret' and have been waiting to see this picture.... well worth the wait, it is great! Well done HL for capturing such a happy picture!

Molly said...

No doubt about it! She loves it---look at that smile!

retdairyqueen said...

The smile says it all
The deceit was well worth it
She will treasure it all the more because you made it and the story behind it

Fiesta said...

she loves it! who wouldn't? you did a fabulous job!

Di said...

She certainly does! It's a beautiful quilt, Sheila, a real gift of love.