Monday, September 21, 2009


My Older Sister, actually my Only Birth Sister, (I have two other adopted ones which Mother doesn't know about, but we know she would have approved) still lives in my birth town in England and did not discover the  addiction   joys of the Computer and Cyberspace until just a few years ago.

Her Teacher has been a Crash Course in Computers for Seniors, and we all know how little that helps, and a trusty "how to" book.

Her 1st daughter was very proficient in the technology and excellent at Digital Scrapbooking.  That was where I acquired my first taste for it.  I have bumbled along as fortunately No 1 son taught me the "Trial and Error" way.  He said go for it, if it doesn't work do something else.  Remember the Computer is never wrong, its the Operator.

So I bumbled my way around PhotoImpact.   Then my sister wanted to make pages, as she had some Memory Photos.  She did have a Free Version of a programme which was very good, but very limiting.
So I convinced her to acquire a  different one.

Now remember, she really has learnt this herself, I think she is getting the hang of trial and error lol. plus a few emails from me if she gets stuck

and yesterday she sent me this

 This was taken in 1994 when the Scot and I made our first visit to England since leaving in 1966.

The ladies are   barnowl    barnowl's 2nd daughter   and myself.

A lovely page, thanks barnowl.

This is another she has sent which was taken of her making an arrangement of the Church Flowers


Sue said...

Lovely! If I had time to quilt AND scrapbook.....I would.
I love your trial and error method of running the pc. I'm a button pusher. Eventually something happens! I can never remember which button I pushed to get it tho'.

Barn Owl said...

Sue. Sane here I get there in the end but never remember What got me there. But it works so that is ok by me.

Jules said...

Barn Owl is fantastic! She sticks at what she wants to do - whereas me - a lucky adoped sister (cousin by birth) simply manages to lose what she knew she had! Lol. Birdie usually manages to find what I have lost from the other side of the world ROFLO. I even lost a picture of a fox and she found it floating around!!!! Isn't it great being cyber free wheelers! All aboard for the next trip!............... Barn Owl will come...

pegsplace said...

Very nice. I really love the blue! And the flowers in the 2ns one. So, is this digital scrapbooking? Inquiring minds!