Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I was happy to hear that my swap parcel in The Paper Bag Swap had arrived.

The Rooles were.... to send a Paper Bag with certain items to our Swap Partner. As mine had to travel all the way across land and sea, by air of course, I really should have started much sooner. But this lovely yellow fabric had me baffled. I love Novelty Fabrics but have always used them together with like kind. So to just have the one....... really had me speechless sewing idealess.

This is a covered journal, which I thought looked rather nifty. As nothing else was finished I sent this one first. And struggled with the little grey creative cells.

then ~ it struck........... ahah a bag, every quilter needs a bag to keep notions in. I have zillions of them, as I keep separate ones for separate projects.

The yellow looked perfect with the striped fabric.

and the base I made out of the purple fabric too.

I like bags to stand alone, and this one stood very proud indeed.

A small something else was made, which hasn't been received yet. It does take a long time to get to Canada. Not sure whether they think we are off the planet or viceversa.

But something else was needed and I knew my swap partner Peggy was renovating.

A wall hanging. Apparently this is an Olde Irish Blessing. I like it very much and have made for for quite a few friends.

And this is the back. I think the fabric looks a bit

Also enclosed were a couple of Australian magazines.

I enjoyed all the thought process that went into this
swap.... I hope you enjoy it Peggy.

And get well soon.


Gina said...

love all the items you sent

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Fiesta said...

Sheial what a delightful swap. You sent beautiful, beautiful items. I am sure they will be loved.

gwensmom said...

Things I send to Canada take forever to get there too. and I'm in Tennessee!

Barn Owl said...

Like Olde Irish Blessing
very much The background colours
are beautiful

Jules said...

My, you HAVE been busy! I better get cracking............... All these holidays - makes one lazy! lol.

Anonymous said...

Yes, very well loved! :). I am the lucky recipient and am truly thankful to Sheila for her hard work and creativity! I can't wait for Sheila to receive her goodies!

Thanks again Sheila.

angel said...

Dear Sheila, congratulations, your creations are really beautiful! I will do my best to be as skilful as you :-)
Your Secret Angel

Jules said...

To inspire is a compliment - you inspire many............

Anonymous said...

Sheila, I just noticed the table in the photograph, the one with the bag. Is that your sewing cabinet closed up? If so, we are sewing twins! :)