Monday, September 28, 2009



I think I mentioned that The Scot is scanning slides - which he has finished, then the negatives - which he has finished.  Now he is on the actual photographs - well the ones I can't find the negatives for.... shush....

But we are now having zillions and zillions of photographs - I kid you not.

On looking through some today, it brought back many memories. 

I would like to share this page I just made with you.

How true We Possess No-One.             How do I know.                  ahah    I learn't the hard way and I have the scars on my heart to prove it.

But please enjoy


Jules said...

But your heart is larger with the love within. Some seek perfection, others accept imperfection because they realise that nothing and no-one is in fact perfect. We are brought low in order to realise the joys we did and do have. Without the experiences of life's contrasts, there is no genuine compassion or empathy of understanding. Selfishness reigns. And what a pious prat I sound! No one ever knows another's true pain and scars. I do know that you have a warm and loving heart and that you care. And that there are others out there who fail to see the pain of others because they wrap themselves in their own selfish world. One day, they may grow up. I am not refering to your family by the way! LOL They are lovely! (((((((big hugs s))))))))

Fiesta said...