Wednesday, September 30, 2009



Yes I completed my committment....... A BLOG POST EVERY DAY for the Beautiful Month of September.

This morning was spent in the garden.  The weather gives one the feeling that summer is on the way, then it rains and turns cold.   But while its giving you the feeling - the days are beautiful.

Lots of weeding this morning.

The Scot was very busy.....

almost a short back and sides

but looking ready for the lazy days of summer.

And as The Scot was such a blinking pain so kind as to provide me with a lot of things to blog about, plus some photos.   I give you this final homage to him

The Scot
do you think he is praying or thinking of drowning himself.

Oh that I had the courage to go and boot him in.    roflo.

And tomorrow heralds


Jules said...

Just about stopped laughing in order to comment!!! Still with BIG grin, here we go........ Your patio is looking very welcoming - hope you have stocked up on the sea-legs for the swinging seat! Maybe that is the Scot's problem - uncle dick from too much motion sickness - whey hey...... We know he is just counting his assets, how many little fish he can sell back to the pet shop, but what a lovely picture! Err.. did you do anything besides following him about his work, with your camera? ROFLO..
Well done on the daily posts during Sept. Now where are we going to get our daily fix? LOL.x

Fiesta said...

Sheila you are too funny.
So is Christmas in the summer for you?
Will you be blogging all of October?

retdairyqueen said...

You are so mean to that man!!

Sally Westcott said...

I nearly choked! Wine sprayed all over the laptop would not be a good idea.

I have loved you September - Can you now do October! I getting very fond of The Scot! You are bothsuch good sports!


Sally Westcott said...

And I can't spell!

Jules said...

John says you could say The Scot is showing his best side! He also looked at the hedge cutting after reading your posting about weeding and said, "They have bloomin' big weeds down there!" Men!...... LOL

Elaine Adair said...

Oh you wicked woman!!! How does he put up with you? LOL .. 8-)))

Rose Marie said...

..... oh my .... I wonder what the Scot said when he saw that photo!? Was the air blue?