Tuesday, September 22, 2009



 A cold miserable day here in Melbourne.  Too miserable for me to garden, but the Scot thought he needed a bit of exercise, so he went to Bunnings (local hardware/nursery store).  Using my Master Card, he came home with 6 tomato plants, 1 Hokowase Strawberry plant, 1 grape vine and 1 rhubarb plant.  Off he went to plant then and looking out the window I found him feeding the tomato plants with a bannana - apparently one of the gardening programmes said they need it for the potasium.   ah well I hope they don't jump in price in the next few weeks.

 I know I should have been sewing, but I started messing around on the computer.

I now have redone my Digital Scrapbooking Page you can see it in progress here         
               click here       WATCH THE BIRDIE

if anyone knows how to add the link to the photo please let me know.

I am strongly getting this feeling, maybe its old age, but I wanna be a Creative Artist and a Creative Web Page Designer.    roflo   oh in my dreams.


Barn Owl said...

Nothing wrong with Feelings and
Look wat I have done and I am almost 75. and enjoying it all

Keep the Tuc coming. if my compie says diff to yours
then I mess around and get it in the end.

I love doing differant things keeps my mind active hahaha

Keep on with your ideas.

Jules said...

Absolutly Barn Owl - you tell her! Plenty of new tricks to unearth yet - she is only a fledgling.

I watched the birdie - I clicked on the birdie - but he didn't take me to a new playroom..... Have I missed the point?

Elaine Adair said...

You have certainly headed down the road filled with creativity! My gosh girl - maybe this creative thing is what you are going to 'be' when you grow up!

I'm still searching. 8-)))

Sooziii said...

Highlight your picture (you will see the little square boxes in each corner) then add the link the same way as you do when you highlight someone's name.

You are really jumping ahead in leaps and bounds ....... lol