Wednesday, September 23, 2009



This morning I discovered a really very good novel way to get help with the Housework.

When The Scot retired, he did start to give a little help around the house.   But last year when he was so sick, I did it all myself.   He is so much better now but he has no thoughts of taking up any household chores again.  And I really am not that worried, I always say that I should have started off as I meant to go on, and when we were first married I hate to admit it but I really did think he was this Greek  Scottish God on a Pedestal.   And its too late now to change, in fact 43 years too late :)

But I digress as usual.

I usually start the day with coffee, breakfast and of course the computer.  Then I usually do the dishes and make the bed whilst the washing machine is going through its cycle, thats on the days I wash.

As you all know we have severe water restrictions in Australia.   As my small part to help, I have a divertor fixed to the pipe outside the laundry.  This enables me to either let the water go down the drain, or I can flick the switch roll out the wide durable hose and water the plants on the  patio.   This means I can enjoy a nice flower garden patch without feeling guilty about using the precious water.

Yes you all know whats coming next

Busy ordering some printer ink for The Scot, online, I rushed through the house to get my credit card.....

H E L P            

1 inch of water all over the kitchen floor, heading towards the dining room carpet.  Yes I had wound the hose up but forgotten to switch the divertor.

Must admit The Scot was quite relaxed mad at the situation.

But he did help me soak it all up, and I now have a sparkling clean kitchen and laundry floor,  and a fair bit of washing to do, but I will check the switch first.


Jules said...

What an hilarious tale! So glad the ending was better than what might have been!!! Your Scottish Hero came charging to the rescue so all was well! LOL. Bless his wee socks... Maybe he could show you how to use the machine and diverter properly???? !!!
ROFLO (on the nice clean floor!)

Vickie said...

Oh dear c'mon now that's one heck of an extreme to go to -too get the Scot to help with the household chores..I promise you I am not laughing-true i am not,cheers Vickie