Friday, September 25, 2009

FRIDAY FLAUNT well Claytons Friday Flaunt


Another Clayton's Friday Flaunt this week.  The weather here in Melbourne is cold, wet and just winter miserable.   The Scot is scanning photos, there are zillions of them, goodness knows what he is going to do with them.  

I have been sitting on this computer chair almost all week.

No sewing I am afraid to say but I have been organising my Digital Scrapbook Pages so if you are intereste you can go take a peek

this is a work in progress,   
watch the birdie

sorry you have to click the words above I just can't get Blogger
to play friends and make a link of the photo.

but I wanted to change, yes more bells and whistles, I really should learn basic good knowledge html, but it is just like numbers to me... complete chinese, my head just can't get around it.

The weekend I will sew I think my little grey cells and my eyes need a rest.


cinzia said...

love the digital scrapbook.. I would ask how to do it but I really don't have time to be tempted :)

Jules said...

Hi birdy, The scrapbook is beautiful - love it. Some pics there I hadn't seen and really enjoyed the tour.......
Take care now and rest those eyes. x

Julie said...

Your dilemma with Blogger not playing nice prompts me to ask why you haven't tried Windows Live Writer? I am a convert, blog posting from blogger seems like a poor cousin in comparison. Off to "Watch The Birdie"

Elaine Adair said...

Wow - I just dashed through "Watch the Birdie" - you have learned a LOT! Excellent job! I'm so scared to even try anything different.

Sally Westcott said...

Oh - how special is all that! You are one very clever bird!


Sally in Hobart (listening to more rain falling hard!) I think I have webbed feet.