Friday, September 18, 2009



Flaunting was done yesterday really. But today I will flaunt what I have been doing in the garden.

The weeds definitely came back with renewed vigour after the harsh summer heat. And I am still doing battle with those dreaded red flowered thingies The Scot put in.
But this is my area opposite the back door and the view from the kitchen window.

Then moving on to my second or olde patio this is what I see as I relax on my swing seat

The Scot calls it a Man and I call it a woman.   I guess its like whom do you perceive God to be a Man or a Woman

Whilst I was doing this The Scot was busy on his jobs.

He was white washing his trees.  He faithfully watches all The Gardening Programmes and apparently they told him that this will keep the insects and pests away.  Ah well we will see.

And  then I caught him checking to see how his little babies were growing.


DivertiCreando said...

Hi sheila, I sent you an email... I hope it is useful for you ^^

Jules said...

And it looks like The Scot has had a smart, short back and sides too! lol. We wondered what the white stuff was on the trees (We looked at the pictures first and then read your blog!)Hope it works.

cinzia said...

whitewashing with what? Your garden is looking good... I have more weeds if you would like to continue

retdairyqueen said...

Lovely neat garden Just wait till you see my jungle

gwensmom said...

Looks like those weeds are under control. If I were they, i would be afraid to show my head in your yard!

Fran C said...

I miss my garden here in the unit its all in pots and only 8 of them. Yours is so nice and green.

Sally Westcott said...

Weeding should always be flaunted - would you like to come and help me weed? We could do a dual flaunt!

My weeds are winning! I can't get to most of them because I will bog in te backyard - too wet!