Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Another beautiful day and where was it spent - yes in the garden doing battle with the weeds.  And The Dear Kind Scot spent a short time helping.

This is the area around the fish pond. 
When my Mother died some moons ago, she left The Scot and I a small gift of money.   I really felt that as I hadn't seem my parents since leaving England, I would like to buy something to remember then by.
Hence The Fishpond was born.
It has always been on the patio but was in a different spot.  When  we built the cover over the patio we decided to relocate (that sounds grande doen't it) to its present spot.

The goldfish always look healthy, The Princess used to work in The Newsagents and next door was a Pet Shop, and the owner was a good friend.   She used to be horrified because The Princess would tell her how much I fed the goldfish, and how many baby goldfish we had.

At the last count, which was this afternoon, we tend to take our afternoon coffee sitting counting the goldfish.
Well   9 adults, 2 albino, 1 baby gold, 2 baby black, 1 baby black tinged gold.  They do eat a lot of food :)

Regards to the Christmas Quilt.  I was thinking along the lines of a naive type scene, but the concensus seems to be -  red berries, the gold star on top of course, and a pot.
Thanks for your help.


Jules said...

The pond looks lovely and what a great idea to commemorate your parents.
Do you not need a mesh cover (cats)? How lovely that you multiply like that too. (You are quite sure the the 2 baby blacks are not tadpoles I take it LOL!)
We only have three shubumkin now but they were very active in the spring, thrashing about. No babies, sad to tell - they eat those as well as ample food - they are very big and fat!

Vickie said...

oh what a lovely serene corner you have made it's wonderful...We had to put a mesh cover over ours as the skippy's were drinking the water-we have 2 cats but they don't go near it,cheers Vickie
p.s. and I think the christmas item will look lovely when you
are done.