Monday, September 07, 2009


or rather busy Birdwoman and Scot.
This morning The Scot prunned his beloved Passion Fruit.   Something he finds very hard to do.   Prunning.  its just not a word he understands
And when I went to find him to ask his help.  This is what I found him doing, as you can see it took four photos to get him to put on a nice face.   Now I wonder where the kids get it from.
All I asked was... look at me.... but he just can't resist pulling faces, and
the he grumbles.....
you take too long, you take too many photos, hurry up.
I had made an early start.   Tidied the Sewing Room from the rampage of the weekend, looking for suitable border fabric.   And just to prove it, you will see by the photos in the next section.
And to prove I did not just pile it all into the cupboard. 
I needed The Scot to help me lay the backing, batting and top.   This only took a few minutes, well it would have if The Scot listened to me.   whereas he wanted to do it his way and it took 15 mins.
and now to quilt, and I promise no more photos until I have one of the girl receiving it.
Did you notice the comment Sarah (gwensmom) made on the last post)   
I love that pic of the Scot and the kids. He's got that Pierce Brosnan look going on.
The Scot read that.... and he is impossible to live with now,  so no more of that nonsense please


Jules said...

Oh how we laughed!... Both can relate to your posting...
My man should have been up and away in a hot air balloon early this morning, but it was cancelled - well, this is the UK. Nice weather for next week, but the earliest I can wave him off now is in October! Oh well!
Your quilt is lovely! I just think that - err, border?, the green fabric,sets it off so well - really rich quality looking.

Anyone who says otherwise - set the lions on 'em - or The Scot! LOL.

Sally Westcott said...

Good border! I do love that quilt! Can I have one too! Please!?

Fiesta said...

The Scot and I share the same exact problem, I hate pruning and the passion vine never gets pruned so I understand his hesitation.

Anonymous said...

So pretty Sheila! You have a way with colour! And yes, there is a resemblance to Pierce Brosnan...back then...;).


Jules said...

Oooo talk about cutting edge Pegsplace! How COULD you? LOL.
Bless the man he scrubs lions to defend Birdy and even helps her with her quilts - the man is a saint! mmm.. St.Brosnan, St.Scot? Not quite the right ring to it eh?
But hey, he is a GOOD guy and there are not that many around!