Wednesday, September 02, 2009


The 2nd day of September is indeed Beautiful.  One Year ago today The Scot had his final Radiation Treatment.  A skinny, tired, hairless and  looking like a POW, poor listless boy.   We think he slept the whole of 2008 away.  But hey just look at him now.
Happy Anniversary Scot, on this Beautiful Day and continue to hassle and bug me keep your good health.


Travelling Phil said...

Here's to good health and longevity!!!

Barn Owl said...

I thank The Lord every day for you
You look great Brother.Keep going remember to day is the first day of the rest of your life Make it count.
Love from you sister & brother

Jules said...

FANTASTIC! You were very brave to undergo all that treatment and you came out the other side smiling! Prayer, fuzzies, good vibes and your wonderful 'girl friends' who stitched their love into such a great quilt to show they cared about you both and the medical staff. Thanks be!
Last but not least - congratulations to your loving and loyal wife, who was with you every inch of the way and has helped build you up to the fine figure of the man you now are!
Now, please will you make me a new soapbox for Christmas? LOL. Sincerely meant though Bill - all of it! xxxx

angel said...

Oh, such a very handsome man your husband!
I wish you both to stay healthy and together a long time!!!
Your Secret Angel

retdairyqueen said...

He looks well and healthy

Fiesta said...

Absolutely Scot, stay healthy. God bless.

gwensmom said...

That was a scary time. But he knows he needs to stay around to keep you in line!

Elaine Adair said...

A year already!! OMGosh, but he does look mighty fine!!! Congratulations on the struggle and the successful outcome. 8-)))