Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Nothing spectacular to write about to day, so I would like you to go take a look at No1Son'sBlog
to be found at Travelling Aussie Phil.
He seems to have acquired the itchy feet The Scot and I used to have.  And he has now located himself in Taiwan.

And I am now asking for honest comments once again.  
This is a Christmas Wallhanging in the making, still a little stitching to do
But I hastily pinned some borders on, maybe a little bigger not sure and of course a Gold Star on the top.

Do I add any red berries.

Do I add anything

If so what and what colour.

Hoping for some suggestions.


DivertiCreando said...

Hi sheila :) how are you??
xmas tree is very very beautiful! I think that some red berries can enrich the pattern :)

Vickie said...

oh that is looking lovely Shiela-I think some nice deep red berries would look great , cheers vickie

Jules said...

Love the borders and colours. Difficult to see full picture but given the star in gold, that will draw the eye to the main object - the picture. Simple is good. What is the tree 'standing' in? (Will there be colour at the base for instance? I like it, I have faith in your vision for the finished item so if you like the idea of berries (and I do) - yes - the border colours used in moderation drawing the eye towards the picture, with star and base enhanced but simple. You have a winner....

Fiesta said...

Sheila your stitcheries are always so delightful Where do you display all those. Yes I would add some red berries, maybe a few green ones and a few colorful gifts or even pinecones on the bottom.

Sally Westcott said...

Hi Sheila,

I reckon, gold star and rich, deep red berries and a small bird!

You are one very talented lady!


Anonymous said...

So beautiful Sheila! I hate giving my opinion and I think it already nice, simple. Berries would be good too, since I clicked on the picture and saw the "ball" ornaments. You are giving me ideas ;). Where did you learn your embroidery? What stitch do you use?


Barn Owl said...

Red Berries Yes and maybe three or five green & one or two or three gold berries
Definately needs a pot of sorts & a Star atthe top.
Love as always

blessed speedy said...

Its lovely Hops - what about adding some red beads for berries?