Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Have you heard of Weed Wee.
Well this is the Scot's Weed Wee.

now before you start thinking........ ummmm The Scot needs to go to The Doc prompto.

Let me explain.

This is filled with water, and weeds are placed in the top and left for a few days, then using the clever little tap, fitted by The Scot I have good liquid fertilizer for my plants.
He just loves reclycling. Think he might recycle me if he could.
Better go feed the man meat now that I have told you all my news for the day.


Vickie said...

oh my Faeriequeen has done a fab job on them stitcheries and I love your proposed layout setting for the frogs with the wonky houses,
cheers Vickie

Jackie said...

Weed Wee...what a brilliant name for it. Brilliant way to get some benefit for the garden from all those nasty weeds. Well done to The Scot for his recycling initiative.

Princess Sara said...

They were talking about worm wee on Spring Watch on Cbeebies. Where you have a wormary any the liquid produced is great fertilizer.

Hehehe. Worm and Weed wee.

RebeccaMom said...

the frogs are absolutely adorable! they will look great with the wonky houses.

And I have heard of weed wee, though it wasn't called that- i like your terminology :) It's a great fertilizer!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Cute stitchiers...and they will look great with the wonky houses...

Helena said...

I love the frogs!

Purpleflowerpatch said...

Love the frogs with the houses! Only 3 sleeps till I post the next block!!