Sunday, February 01, 2009


Converting slides into digital photographs brings back wonderful memories.

March 1968

This is the house we saw after spending our first two years in Australia in a flat.

the home we could just afford, having to take out a second mortgage for $1200 Which everyone said.... don't do. But we did paid it off quick and that's how we got the Castle.

This is The Scot on the back doorstep. Taken one week before we moved in.
The land was market gardens before the housing estate was build. But note how they kindly removed the top soil, and what we had left was clay clay and yet more clay. We were in a drought and the day after we moved in... it rained, and it rained, nice clay then.

This is the view over the back fence. the Dandenongs are in the distance. We could see and hear cows over the fence.

This is The Scot planning his orchard and veggie garden. Mind you between then and now there were many changes including, children, swings, sandpit, wading pool, above ground swimming pool, garden setting, aspiring apiarist, hard work, and then finally retirement. Isn't it sad that so many have to wait until retirement before they have time to realise their dreams.

A lucky house built on a lucky plot and bought by two very lucky poms (who then became Aussies)


Travelling Phil said...

Who was the second Pom, and does he now that you called him that???

sMC said...

hahaha TP its my blog so I can call him what I like lol.
But he should know the Poms are superior to The Scots evbeg

Lindi said...

Ha! Only the Poms believe that!

(woops! running now...)

Jane said...

I come from the generation whose parents worked on those market gardens to supply Melbourne with fruit and vegetables. Mainly the latter but most had mini orchards and yes the removal of soil was disgusting.
At the other end of Stud Rd from you my paternal Grandfather had 100 acres in Ferntree Gully Rd, Wheelers Hill and another 10 where I was born in Lum Rd Wheelers Hill.
Just a walk up the hill from Grandpa to us. We had the best view and he eventually retired to that house, before moving to Clayton where two of the sons had also owned market gardens.
Memories...we moved to Baxter the day Prince Charles was born.