Wednesday, February 18, 2009


.......since I talked faeriequeen into Patchworking.

She started with stitcheries, oh that was easy, I had bought patterns over the years so these were sent to her, I directed her to sites which offered freebies, although she started sending me links evbg and she can draw (green as a cucumber here, but not cool)

Emails were in my mailbox each morning, how to do this, that, what about the other.

Actually it is such bliss to teach someone to quilt. The Princess tried, I think to please me, but she is more an outdoor girl than a quilter . Although she did make blankets for the horses.

Now to get back to faeriequeen. She kept talking about a swap, and found the ones she talked me into doing (see the side column).

This is my first Wonky House Bom Stitchery, given by the very generous Jenny. Isn't it cool, just you wait and see what its going to be put together with.

And, not only but also

she talked me into the Happy House Swap kindly run by swap mom Lurline.

Now this is a different kettle of fish.

fq reckons I know more than she does. But does she know I don't read instructions.

What are you talking about, I hear you mutter, thats an easy block.

Oh yes, how come I had the window at the bottom, then the door on the right instead of the left. And as for those pesky triangles that make it wonky and into a square block.

haha I won't tell you how many times I unpicked before reading the instructions.
Yea I know you put the sides on first, then the top and bottom.
Well I did tell you I DONT DO INSTRUCTIONS.

and I have made a little sign to post tomorrow, and the next day, maybe the next and maybe the next.

Why...........fq has acquired a sewing room. I am sure she will be posting photos of it.
And I just know she is going to ask how and what I have in mine.

Can I help it if I am the black sheep of the family. fq and her mother (my sister) are perfectionists and would you believe it....... everything has a place and is in it.

oh me oh my I will now skulk off to start the BIG TIDY UP.


Anonymous said...

omg - I am not a perfectionist, I like things "Just So" thats all.

and if i had realized i was going to have so many problems with the happy house!!! grrrrrr those triangles, i too did not read all the instructions properly.... right side up does not mean rights together.... thats why my triangles didnt fit.....

and thank you very much for helping me. and teaching me new things... even if i do fill up your inbox each day with silly little questions. xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

oh yes, and my new sewing room, pictures already posted.....

barn owl said...

You are only perfect if you know where everything is when you want it.
at least that is my way of thinking???????? so you are not the black sheep Who told you that.?????

You are my Little Sister who I love very much. and have missed your company all those years.

Lindi said...