Saturday, February 07, 2009

Its has been H O T

It is H O T

and whats more

It is going to be H O T

the photo for my new banner has been stolen from thefaeriequeen (I know she won't mind)
and if you really want to see C O L D go visit her blog.


Anonymous said...

lol - I love the banner..... A fairly good photo taken by my own hand if I say so myself. xxx

Ali Honey said...

Sheila the heat is going to melt that snow at the top of your blog and drip all down your screen and over the key board...........

I tried looking at it hard and thinking cold cold cold ....but I'm not sure it helps!

( Some of our Agapanthus are turning yellow - yiPPee ! )

Lindi said...

We sure could do with some of that snow dumped on our fires, couldn't we?