Saturday, February 21, 2009


These are some photo I took today around my house. I am thankful to have one.
The first are my I know this will gladden the heart of Ali as they are obnoxious weeds in her territory. But when controlled they give a lovely show. To my overseas friends, we are on water restrictions in Melbourne. Floods in Queensland.
Water restrictions mean we are not allowed garden hoses, or to water our lawns. The lawns I don't worry about, it always grows back. The aggies I am sorry to see. But I think this year they will go. No1Son is telling me about Zen Gardens, and it seems to me that I need to think along those lines. The middle bottom row photo is my patio area. I allow myself to use the water from the washing machine. I have connected a divertor and a long wide black hose, so that when the washing machine empties the sink water can be directed to the garden. As you can see it definitely helps. But I do need to keep a watchful eye that it keeps clear or I finish up with a flooded laundry. but so far this has happened only once.
The Scot has a large tank (but is thinking of getting another) to catch the water from the gutters (when it rains) but this is getting very low.
The other photos are taken from the front of the house, no water is used here, and it is interesting to see which plants are still surviving. A great lesson in rethinking what we plant.
There are many interesting, disturbing, lucky, unlucky, stories of homes that were in the paths of the bushfires, but it seems like we really need to do a lot planning. and I think this also applies to suburbia, which has always been considered safe. But the ferocity of the last fires are very disturbing. We need to think and be watchful.

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Ali Honey said...

I can see that gardening with water restrictions would take some planning and extra work or there would be heart break.Aggies are survivors.....I have never seen them heat stressed / cooked here. Your potted palms look lovely and with water retaining crystals should be able to be kept watered. I imagine having a water feature during that hot, hot time is exactly what you need to give a cooling effect. Did your passion fruit live...and the small kiwifruit?
I agree that a good way to decide what to plant is to walk your area and see what is survivingafter that very very hot dry time. I also agree that gardens don't have to be all about plants.