Monday, February 02, 2009


Yes indeed it was hot. This is a photo of my aggies taken just before Christmas.

and this is one taken this morning. After the heat wave of last week.

We aren't allowed to use the water hose, but I do direct the water from the washing machine laundry sink onto the garden. So the aggies share the washing machine with the others on the patio.

Thunder has been rumbling around the hills and I did think, oh how foolish can one be, that it was going to rain, so the pot plants were hastily dragged from under the patio roof.
The black hose is the hose used to connect to the outlet of the laundry tub, and directs the wm water to where I want it.
I do have to watch it, as a couple of times I have just overflowed the sink, woops takes ages to mop up. But I think I have the hang of it now.

this is a photo taken from the backdoor step, this morning, as compared to the one I posted yesterday that was taken in 1968.


Ali Honey said...

So that is how to kill Agapanthus - I know you don't want to but we DO!

We need rain too and just got about 1 minutes worthwhile I was sitting here but that won't help -wash the dust off perhaps.

Love your photo of 40 years ago...hehe!

Stephanie said...

I hope you're both managing to keep cool even if the agapanthus aren't! We are enjoying temperatures of close to freezing, no snow here but some forecast for later.

Anonymous said...

Loads of snow here..... do you want some????? Love the sewing room, and the ex-nursery. xxxx

Elaine Adair said...

Hey, I want some of that heat!!!

Piles of dirty snow, my car is filthy, slush, mud and we're getting stuck in yuck! Not a green thing in view except in our stash. grumble, grumble ... Funny looking at your sewing room! 8-)

Fiesta said...

I have aggies too but they are frozen!
yes, we freeze in Florida.
i want to move to a warmer climate. I hate this cold.