Monday, January 05, 2009

The Aircraft was slightly more modern but it did take 42 hours to get here.

No wonder I don't like travelling now.


Lindi said...

I think I'll have to start reading blogs with my sewing glasses on - I read that at first as 10 pound po-ns (i won't spell it out in case it attracts the wrong sort!) lol

But hey, England's (and Scotland's) loss is our gain! So glad you came over.
It must have been confusing to arrive just before decimal currency was introduced. Going from British currency to ours and then straight onto decimal! And we thought we had a tough time of it!

I like your layout, too. Neat!

barn owl said...

Goodness me was it Jan 4th 1966.
when you left us.
A month after you had gone we moved to the Bungalow in Kingsthorpe.
So Dad & Mum were left on their own.
I do not think ahe ever got over losing you but we visited as much as we could, did not have a car in those day
Stll miss you both

ozjane said...

But you did not have to go through a tunnel so that does not explain your tunnel