Thursday, December 18, 2008


Good News and Bad News.
What more could one ask for, except all good news I guess.

Yesterday was a visit to The First Doc we saw, about this time last year.
He has a sense of humour and he does have a firm handshake, something I always notice about people. My reasoning has been, that if it is a limp handshake its because the Doctor doesn't want to become too involved with the patient, as they must have many many sad cases in their profession.

We now have new characters in a new play. Well maybe the same actors but different names.

And this time its The Stomach not The Oesophagus.

Yesterday we went to see Mac the Knife.
We were referred to him by The WeedKiller (formerly the Overseer)
The Chemo Gals and The Nuke Doc had done an excellent job on The Scot's Oesophagus which is now in complete remission.
But we now have these two Daleks roaming in the lungs and the stomach. Quite amazing the Dalek in the Stomach actually moves with the body fluid. A fact I find most interesting (needless to say The Scot doesn't)
So WeedKiller sent us to Mac the Knife who is going to perform a biopsy and investigation surgery on the stomach. (can't remember the exact word).
The Scot is to be booked into the *****Hilton as soon as possible between Christmas and The New Year. Then depending on the results of what they find we will have A New Play running. Lets hope it is a short season one with results like the last one.


Elaine Adair said...

Oh Sheila - I am embarrassed to say you make me laugh with your wit, despite all of it being serious. You DO have a gift.

Prayers for successful outcome.

gwensmom said...

I had to google Dalek but now I am half-laughing at thinking of those things in the Scot's stomach.

But only half way. I hope your cast of characters at the Hilton can dispatch this problem as quickly as they did the last one.

Not Lucy said...

I love your names for the various actors in your play. Hope things go well for The Scot!

Sooziii said...

Well Birdie looks like the Oesophagus was a test to see if you could handle the big stuff .... lol.

I also am interested to think the Dalek inn the stomach moves, you would think they could remove it easier if it was floating around in there between the mince pies and the sausage rolls!

Lindi said...

B#mmer! Hope all goes well for the Scot and it's all mopped up quickly.
They're right you know, you have a wonderful way of writing with humour.

Anonymous said...

Exterminate, Exterminate Exterminate.

And catch the floating dalek is a mutant. Probably drunk from floating in all that xmas spirit. xxxxx
Cyber hugz for my favorite uncle, ummm my only uncle that is.

RebeccaMom said...

I don't know how you believe, and hope you aren't offended by this; but I will be praying for you and the Scot, as well as Mac the Knife.

Ali Honey said...

Humour on the tumour......With such a brilliant cast it will be a sellout, because of the short season.

Do try and have a relaxing Christmas time. I'm sending you both Best Wishes. Be ever hopeful that this will be over soon and good health will return.
Hugs for you both but just a gentle one for the Scot.Ali

ozjane said...

Admire the writer, enjoy the humor, not so keen on the plot.

Seriously hugs and prayers to you both ...that there will be a bed at the right time with the correct characters and that all that occurs will be as painless as possible with results as good and soon as can be.
Yell if I can ever help....if you want someone to be with you at any time or whatever.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Thinking of you and praying for you from afar. blessings, marlene

Sue said...

Will be thinking of you both, hope this play is a huge success with a very short season.