Saturday, December 27, 2008


on my front doorstep.

This morning as I went out to collect the paper I almost trod of this little fellow.

He didn't seem at all afraid. I quietly asked him if he was ok, and where was his mummy. To which he just gave a little chirp. But not a nervous one.

I quietly went inside for the camera, hoping he would still be there. And there he was, he had hoped onto the little wall. I quietly talked to him and managed to get two photos.

I looked for him mummy or daddy, but they were no where to be seem.

When the Scot was up I took him to see the little fellow. But about an hour later he had gone, I do hope he found his mummy.


ozjane said... I have to change my blog clothes?
I am not sure about summer.
I bought a slide scanner which I am going to hire out so that everyone does not need to buy there own.
Altruistic moi!!

catsmum said...

he looks fully fledged so with any luck at all he'll be ok

The Faerie Queen said...

Oh so sweet. We have to wait a few more moths for the little chappies to arrive here. Who wants to building a nest in the midst of winter. My little feather friends are still trying to keep warm and find a decent sized worm!!!!

Lindi said...

First Sooziii, now you! I'll have to put my thinking cap on to come up with something as good!

Sooziii said...

Hehe Birdie - you and I caught them napping with our 'summer blog clothes'.

LOL - guess what me word verification is
gstriper .....rotfl

Molly said...

What a sweetie! I've found little guys like him around our garden. Maybe they're so young they haven't yet learned to be afraid? It is Spring down there....or is it summer already? Hope he found his way home!

Jules said...

Whizz-kid here - well rather grandson Dan is! Hope to do it on my own soon. Love Jules.

Ali Honey said...

I think maybe his first flying lesson didn't go according to plan. Let's hope he is okay.

Stephanie said...

Hi Sheila, I have awarded you with an award, pop over to my blog if you would like to collect it.
Stephanie x

Margie said...

I followed stephanie here and what a great blog. I am off to check out more of it.Happy New Year. Margie.