Thursday, November 27, 2008


This is just a short post as I finish my lunchtime coffee to let you know we are all fine.

Today I MUST have tunnel vision and the only thing I can think about is to finish the pressies for my Chookyblue Santa Swap. I have all the goodies ready, but just need to finish the handmade pressie. It should have been posted yesterday. Feeling very embarrassed now.

On Tuesday we visited the Nuke Doc, and to cut to the chase the new hot spot in the stomach, really isn't a new one, apparently it was there at the beginning but only small. The concern being that is has grown. And the deep biospy shows okay but the outer ones just had something not quite normal about them. Tell me something new has The Scot even been quite normal. So it looks like more chemo and radiation, but we won't know more until we visit the Overseer in two weeks time.

But as The Scot told Nuke Doc .... I am invincible.... I think he rather fancies himself as a Time Lord. Well he does have two Daleks inside.

Which brings me to some inspiring news, I have read on the net that ..

the rumour is that James Nesbitt is ready to take over as Doctor Who from David Tennant?
A worthy successor. swoooooooooooooooooooon.


Lindi said...

Fingers crossed for the Scot, Sheila. Hugs and hugs

Sooziii said...

Thank goodness The Scot thinks he is invincible - as we know a great attitude is half the battle. I am batting in your corner and redealing the cards.

On the time lord front - I will have to reserve judgement on James Nesbitt - think I have been spoilt by the luscious hunk of David

Gina said...

sending the Scot loads of positive vibes.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...

Positive thoughts are half the battle. Think big, and beautiful and it will happen. I read somewhere that we only use 10% of our brain, so who knows what the other 90% is capable off.
Love your new header byw.

I will always remember james nesbitt as dr Jekyll in the mini series Jekyll last year. wow imagine a Dr. Who-Jekyll

Ali Honey said...

He ( the Scot ) has got the right attitude. That is so important.

One of our friends who had stomach cancer has just got his all clear, so we are very pleased for him..... he certaibly had a positive attitude and talked about his condition and treatment freely and openly. He's back playing even more golf!

Hope you finish your sewing in can do it!
Cheers Ali.

Like your misletoe!

gwensmom said...

Of course he's tough- he's a SCOT! I hope all goes well.