Friday, November 14, 2008


Gosh my brain is getting a bit overloaded at the moment. I think I need a day sitting doing nothing.

Why you ask,

well first and foremost is The Scot. No of course I am not worried. But between you me and all those cyberspaces I am spoiling him rather too much.

Then sewing, two deadlines to meet one mid November, the other end November. Not huge things but MUST be done. Deadlines are good at least I have to sort amongst the rubble of my thoughts and be sane. Then of course Chrissy Presents to make.

Reading, whats that? the library books are due back next week and I have finished one of them.

Housework.. well we have a cleanish house but that's not my priority.

Gardening has had a little TLC but is greatly in need of more.

Emails Oh I owe so many. I will reply. Probably when you have forgotten me.

So what do I do with my time.

Well I think the computer is my life line at the moment.

I get to chat with The Faerie Queen in England.... hi niece , waving my hand.

She has convinced me that I need this addiction of Scrapbooking. She is right, its terrific.

Memories are being relived as I resurrect photos from past lives and I do love bells and whistles and setting things out.

I have zillions of blogs to catch up with.

Oh and go visit Her Ladyship. A very close relative who is a little older than I am. But she is catching onto this cyberspace and blogging really fast, maybe leave her a word of encouragement.

Oh my goodness what have I done now, rellies blogging as well lol.

Now you can see how my mind reads, back to Scrapbooking.
Addictive is not the word.I still tend to want to put zillions of photo on the one page, but can see it doesn't work. It has also taught me quite a few computer technical things. I can now use a rewritable DVD. The Scot rolls his eyes, you know how they do in exasperation, and says I am not doing it the correct way. But hey it works so what.

Today I must learn what a rar file is. Maybe do some housework, must do some sewing, and at lunchtime well scrapbooking of course. At least with digital scrapbooking you don't mess the page up with coffee stains lol.

Then cook the tea before the 4.00 appointment at the Peter Mac.

ummmm life is busy.

The Scot thanks you for your three bad words. I think Helena has taught us something very useful. Also he appreciates your thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Auntie - *waves back to you.
I gave you scrapbooking and you gave me sewing. So that makes us both as bad as each other......
And yes, I too have a million other things that I should be doing, and housework is bottom of the To do before tomorrow list, but "life is short, so make the best of it"
unfortunately one does not get a second chance at messing ones life up. Thought for the day is, "If you are gunna mess up, mess up big time, and make it worth the effort!!!"

Nanci said...

I had to sit down and have a cuppa after reading what you have to do today and tomorrow.
I am exhausted...

Julie said...

Thanks for reminding me that everyone has a gazillion things to do and that the important ones will eventually get done!

You are an amazing woman!