Thursday, November 13, 2008


The ways of mice and men never go to plan.
The reports on The Scot are mixed. The colonoscopy was good, very good, the biopsies were good, just a little inflammation.


The PET scan seems to have found two more hot spots, one on the lungs and one in the
stomach. So blood tests today and tomorrow its off to the kind people at The Peter Mac. to discuss more tests.
The Overseer finds The Scot a real Mystery Man. (I could have told him that)

But he explained a lot, and I had a lot of questions, and also The Scot found his tongue, for a usually quiet fellow he asked a lot.

Ah well, if you could all say three really really bad words for me.

These are mine #$%%^& #$%%^& %$&^

And I can just say watch this space.


Molly said...

Consider it done! But I'll also say a little prayer.....So sorry you're having more complications. Hope it all comes out well. Hug the Scot for me!

Helena said...

I feel sorry for you.
I can give you three bad words in Swedish: "Djävla förbannade skit!" Means something like "What a very bad thing", but said in a not so nice way....
I hope it will come out well...

Gina said...

I'll be thinking of you

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Sooziii said...

Sh*t, d%8n and #@)*.

Those three words sum it all up - hopefully the hot spots will be okay and treatable. Wow I can't imagine the Scot actually asking questions. What on earth have you done to him?

Ali Honey said...

I can't top Helena's effort. I think we should all learn her words for occasions such as bad news.
If ya don't mind I would rather send word of encouragement for you both. Don't get depressed - think possitively - hope like hell that this too can be successfully treated.
Hugs for you both.

I have only just noticed your other 2 sites listed on your sidebar and have been having a read of them too. You are getting very creative, well done.

Anonymous said...

Give my love to scottie... and I hope that everything goes good for him. I will be thinking of you both.
btw - it took me 35 years to find you both, tell the scottie, I am not letting either of you go now.

barn owl said...

sorry to read about The Scot
We will both put our trust in God for him also fot you Wish I could pop round for a cup of Tea?coffe and a natter but I think it is to far
Love to you both

Stephanie said...

Hi, nice to have you back on line again. Hang in there I know everything will turn out just fine, keep positive. xx

StitchinByTheLake said...

Darn I hate it when tests don't come back completely clean. Prayers for healing are being said. blessings, marlene

gwensmom said...

I am so sorry to hear this news :( You all deserve a reprieve from all this worry. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.