Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I lost my honey
I was not very happy
Actually I was unbearable (no pun intented)
But now through sheer perseverance
I am a happy bear
I have so much to write about to make up for
4 missing days of torture.
But the main news is that this was the week of The
Scot's check up.
The scan was on Monday, yesterday was the colonoscopy
and ALL SEEMED CLEAR, there could be some narrowing, due to the nuking, and we do have the results of biopsies to wait for. But its looking good.
Tomorrow we see The Overseeer, then next week the Nuke Doc.
Oh my what a year it has been. Thank you all for carrying me along so well. I only dropped my bundle twice. Once to the poor Scot and once to The Chemist. But I think they both forgive me.
So now to prepare all my other news.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back.....
So you didnt pull out all your hair then?

Molly said...

I wondered where you'd been.... Welcome back! Glad the news was mostly good!

Sooziii said...

Welcome back!! Bet u didn't grin and bear(lol) it when u couldn't get online.
Such good news about the Scot.

Helena said...

Welcome back! Happy for the good news.

barn owl said...

Great to hear from you again.Very pleased all going well withgenk The Scot Love to you both.

barn owl said...

sorry stickey fingers rub out genk

Ali Honey said...

Ooooh I hope I don't lose my Honey. ( I'd only have half a name then. LOL )

Glad the Scot got good news. You better keep on being extra nice to him all the same - just to make sure he stays okay.

Are ya going to tell us what was wrong with your computer - could we all learn something or was it just being pesky?
Glad your back with us!

ozjane said...

Did they try to gag you.
Oh what a drama!
No 1 son was clever enough to tell us you were in deep computer darkness.
Glad all is sweet again.

trashalou said...

Lovely to hear that news is good.

I'm blog-hopping my way through Chookyblue's SSCS list to see who else is playing along.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Great news! blessings, marlene

Quilter Going Bananas said...

What great news for you and The Scot!
Too bad your internet is not behaving, how rude! Hope the internet probs are solved now. QGB