Saturday, November 15, 2008


as this earwig said to the other....................
The visit to the Radiologist was not so good. A thoughtful guy, very studious and knowledgeable looking, and definitely calls a spade ..... a spade.
He spent some 5 minutes studying the scans etc. (we have to carry this large envelope, now getting quite heavy everywhere we go, and woe betide us if we loose it, so we
keep them in a wonderful bright red carrybag with the words Emperor in gold)
The Scot is now know as The Mystery Man. Why of why if he had to get this darn thing couldn't he get a common one.
I digress. After the 5 minutes of silence, Spearman then proceeds to tell us what he is going to do.
The biopsy involves a large needle being inserted into the stomach, then another smaller needle goes through that to take out tissue. At the stage where he described the size of the needle, I looked at the Scot and he sort of went bleary eyed. He hates these things.
The Spearman as I will now call him, then told us of all the things that could go wrong. (Yes blood pressure hitting the roof, that is mine)
So after signing the form, we need to have a CT scan so Spearman can plan his route. The CT scan revealed that DALEK (that is now the official name of the tumour - exterminate says I)was moving in the stomach. So we needed an ultrasound.
All this done and the Scot still walking and in one piece. The appointment is made for two weeks time. He needs to arrive at and stay until about 4.00pm. I said I would wait, but the kind blonde chick assured me they would look after him, it did take some convincing, but I will come home and then go pick him up. As I told him coming home. I will pack him a daypack. Ipod, book, newspaper, paper and pencil, nibbles, lunch. I asked if he would like to borrow my portable CD player. He just rolls his eyes at me. But I gotta look after him haven't I.
So after the shock faded a bit. This morning I get a call, Spearman would like to do it on Tuesday, doesn't want to leave it for two weeks. Now she assures me its only because he doesn't want to leave it, but alarm bells faintly ring in my head. But at least it means we don't have to wait so long.
This all seems very surreal at the moment.


gwensmom said...

Oh dear. Take deep breaths and go one step at a time. <3

Molly said...

Keeping fingers and toes, and any other digits I can find, crossed for you both.......

Sooziii said...

Sheila - this calls for four words !!!!

s*&$; $u%#; ^)*& and finally %$oo^@&#**

You've held my hand through lots so don't forget I know how to hold yours.

PS Philip's xrays required a delivery truck - had to make an enormous bag to keep them in.

Tracy said...

(hugs) and prayers

Quilter Going Bananas said...

waiting is so hard so I like the idea of getting the test overwith; I admire how you look after your Scot but you need someone to look after you too, right? Keep us posted, okay?

Sending you hugs all the way from Canada, QGB

Anonymous said...

I wish I was there to give to both a big hug. Look after yourself firstly and foremost. xxxxxx

The Spearman and his colleagues will look after Scottie

Gina said...

I'll be thinking of you.

Lots of love and hugs Gina xxx

barn owl said...

Wish I could pop round to my sister and The Scot , but i send my love and prayers for you both and a big hug. Have sent to Dr.Who and told him about the DALEK. will get it sorted.
Love to you both from P & E.

quiltmom said...

This is quite the journey you both are on Sheila- slow and steady breaths, one step at a time.. The unknown is always scary - surround yourself with the things that help you feel comfort and energize your soul.
Thinking of you both and sending you warm hopeful thoughts.

Anonymous said...

How stressful and scary for the both of you!
Give him lots of hugs! Your both in my thoughts.

Rose Marie said...

Prayers and thoughts are winging your way from Canada!

Kate said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Lots of hugs from one who has been there.