Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Today's post is going to be easy.

I haven't written much about The Stitcher's Angel Swap lately, as I sent the present. I wasn't sure whether she had tracked me down or not.

My Mortal was Stephanie in N.Ireland. please go visit her. Hiya Stephanie welcome to blogland and all the wonderful people here. http://mycalicoheart.blogspot.com/

When I was first given Stephanie's name etc. she didn't have a blog. So how could I write to her without her knowing me and what I was stitching. Easy Peasy set up a gmail account and open a blog under my presumed name of Stitcher's Angel. This was great with Stephanie entering into the spirit of the game and corresponding with me. Then low and behold she announced she had a blog. Whoopeee I could read about her, and leave comments and all she knew about me was that I was her Stitcher's Angel.
ok Pride cometh before a fall. She gets so clever with all the bells and whistles that she puts a site meter onto her blog. Now not only does it record the number of visits but shows their location. I thought I was doomed, but fortunate for me. Some of the other Angels in Australia visited her so I kept my secret. I did give her a few clues, but you know these Irish..... a bit slow on the uptake, just like the Scots. whoops had I better run and duck for cover lol. Only joking of course.

I had happy times stitching, the swaps were good for me this year, as they helped me have deadlines and something definite to think about whilst The Scot was so sick.

This is the parcel I sent. It also had a calendar with Aussie wildflowers, and some angel charms, as I knew she was into scrapbooking.

Deadline 31 October. I even posted it before on the Monday.

There always seems to be a long queue at our Post Office. I usually choose the envelopes, address them, fill in the Declaration then join the queue either looking at the goodies they put to tempt you, or make idle chit chat to the person in front or behind me. Nice when they will chat back.

Before I could even get them to weigh the parcel I had to show my Drivers Licence to prove who I was. Now do I look like suspicious. I know I had my dark glasses and large brimmed hat in my bag but ........... look at my innocent face please.
Gosh this security lark gets serious.

I then asked if I could have stamps.

As I thought it would be nice for her family in Ireland to see some Australian ones. OMG they must think we have just learnt to print them or something. The little Asian Lady who served me gave me a funny look and said ... you mean all single stamps. Yes says I they might like to see what our stamps are like. Right oh... ten minutes later this is what my parcel looked liked. They don't do large denomination stamps nowadays, only small ones for letters and packages. The big parcels get just a common old sticky receipt on it. No fun at all.
It would have been nice if she could have given me different ones, but I think Stephanie now gets the Idea that the last but one Olympics were in Australia and we printed stamps to celebrate.

During the week I had horrible thoughts, did I put gift on the declaration, would she have to pay to even get it in her hot little hands, would the stamps fall off, would it get lost.

Of course not, today I received a lovely email thanking me and now I can send emails and post comments on her blog as her friend.

This is another case of my best intentions going plonk. ah well I bet it gave The Postman a laugh.
Elaine.... this is learning to play the violin in public. :)


StitchinByTheLake said...

Beautiful gifts Sheila - I know she loved receiving them. I got my quilt today and I've fallen in love with the fabrics you chose. You have a wonderful sense of color. I'll be posting a picture soon. Thank you so much for your generous heart. blessings, marlene

Anonymous said...

That is a really beautiful sewing bag. I have the pattern, and at the weekend I will be looking for some pretty material to have a bash a making one for myself. But be aware this project could take a few weeks. Its my first sewing project.

Elaine Adair said...

Fun post! Love all the stamps, and the clarification for ... that thing ...

Hey, I'm Ms. Sensible, Straightforward, no frills, and not even as a child, could I consider fairy tales - how could I understand what that ... thingy is?

Stephanie said...

Hi, its me, your mortal friend Stephanie. I am so pleased to read more about you, as you definitely had the advantage over me during the swap. I absolutely love, love everything that you made for me and all the lovely things you sent in the stamp covered parcel lol, thank you so very much. This has been one of the best swaps I have taken part in and that is down to you, your ceativity and also the fabulous role you played as My Secret Stitching Angel (I think the Secret Service will be asking you for help!) I have now become a follower and will be checking in to see how things are 'Down Under'.

Many thanks from your friend, Stephanie x