Sunday, October 19, 2008


cut once. This time I did, and stopped myself trimming the seam too thin a couple of times.

Poor swapmum Kate is going to have a fit when she sees this. I am now up to date with the Woven Stars Swap, might even be a month in advance. Only one more to go that's the pink set. My, this is going to be one handsome quilt when finished.

And Marlene your prize for the Giveaway is almost finished. The miter corners are working, not brilliant but I hope you can live with them. Then I have to shaggy the seams. Do you think I could find scissors with a sharp end. Scissors are not really my thing so maybe I had better ask for some for Christmas. I found a pair in The Scots top drawer, I am sure they were mine, but they are doing the job splendidly.

Hence with all the above activity no gardening was done today.
Ice Cream has been made for The Scot, also the timer is sounding so I have to off to get the tea but will post about NTNP block tomorrow.


Lissa Jane said...

the bestest scissors for cutting shaggy quilts are the fiskar's ones that have only a 1.5"-2" blade, the spring loading helps with the hands!!!!


Lindi said...

mmm yummy blocks. I'm looking forward to seeing the end result.
The giveaway quilt looks very snuggly.

Anonymous said...

Nice quilts. I dont understand all the techno jargon for making them, but the results always look beautiful.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I can hardl wait! I've made a couple of rag quilts but gave them both away and don't have one for myself. This one will be for snuggling this winter! blessings, marlene

Molly said...

Is the quilt for Marlene made of flannel?? It certainly looks snuggly.....