Friday, March 28, 2008


Time does Fly when One is having so much fun.

40 years ago today we moved into our first real home. My apologies for the photo but those were the days of waiting a week to get the prints returned from the Photoshop. We first lived in The Scot's Residential Caravan, in England. Then we spent the first two years in Australia living in a flat in St Kilda. Which is a story to be told another day.
We moved from the flat to the house on a Friday. It was during a drought period. We also found out that the builders had moved the top layer of soil, so our land was virtually clay, and very dry. It had previously been market gardens. From my back door step I could see The hills of The Dandenongs and even cows in the paddocks over the fence. Now it is all houses and freeways.

We were the second family to occupy the mere half dozen houses already built. The neighbours on the North side moved in the week before and the neighbours on the South side moved in the day after we did. And it rained, and rained and rained. Were we lucky from the start.

I have this belief that houses are homes where the heart lives, and unfortunately some homes are sad or unlucky homes. Need I tell you ours is a lucky one. The houses both sides are sad and unhappy ones, the occupants divorced, deceased or moved on. Both are now rentals, and sad homes with many different occupiers and many stories, to be told another time, although the North House has seen more action than a Jackie Chan movie. We have had drunks, drugs, guns, bulldogs, I think you name it we've seen it and I have lost count the number of times the Police have been there. Yes I do live in a quiet Neighbourhood lol. Actually it is very quiet except for the above occasions. We can sit on the patio and you would think we were in the middle of the country, with lots of shrubs and privacy. At night it is so quiet. We have made it Our Home and Paradise. I don't think I could ever move from here. The House has seen a lot of life. Young Home Owners to family of 5 through kindergarten, school, teen (another story there) and adult years. And now two Happily Retired people in the Autumn of their lives.

By the way, Scot didn't sleep too well to start with, but made up for it by sleeping in this morning and he would like to thank you all for your lovely comments. He just can't believe anyone is interested in reading about our mundane lives. Thank You. He is so positive about it all that has to be a big plus.


Elaine Adair said...

A sweet post. Kinda nostalgic.

Lindi said...

A lucky home because you made it such! I think houses take on the energy they're given from the occupants.

aykayem said...

oops - here is a late "happy birthday" to The Scott.
btw - he shares his birthday with my DD!
hmmm ... all those years in the same house - what a weird concept - LOL (I moved house a few times as a kid, then a few times more before I got married, then a few more times since! ... and my parents still keep moving house every now and then too! - yes - they are in the process of moving at the moment - "downsizing" to a smaller garden/etc ... again ... lol)