Thursday, March 27, 2008

one thing leads to another

Its strange how things come back to haunt you. Today, The Scot had his first treatment of the chemotherapy and radiotherapy that he has to undergo. An early morning as our appointment was for 8.30, its strange but I always refer to our appointment etc. probably because after 42.1/2 years of marriage all things, good or bad, seem to be shared.
On the table in the waitingroom was a notice. ~Wanted nice fabrics for the making of Turbans~ and on the side table a basket full of turbans with a notice ~Please Help Yourself~.

Now this may seem normal or a generous gesture, but it me it brought back memories.
Memories of days in one of my past lives, yes I have many. When I belonged to a land group of quilters. I met a lady whose husband had been having treatment for a number of years, and being a lady with great sewing talents she was making turbans for the hospital.
At this point I should explain that, not all treatments make you loose your hair, but the ones that do, the head gets very cold. And as this was at least 10 years ago, there was not available nice head gear, especially for ladies. Now think about it how many times do YOU complain about how your hair looks. Put a pantie hose over your head and you will realise what it is like to have none.
But back to the sewing lady. As I said one thing leads to another, and being friends with The President of Philip Island Patchworkers, probably about 1.1/2 hours drive from Melbourne.
We somehow formed this group of ladies who made Turbans. We usually met on a Wednesday, The Patchwork Groups we belonged to kindly donated nice fabrics. Once again remember the head gets very sore during treatment, so through trial and error we found the kindest, softest, stretch fabric made the most comfortable ones. And of course being made by us, we could give fashionable colours, and some of the clever girls even started differing the styles. Although we mainly stuck with the original. Especially needed were sleeping hats, as the head gets very cold at night. There were about half a dozen faithful ladies from Melbourne, and the same from Phillip Island. Not all had to sew, some marked, some cut, some threaded needles, we even had a quality control expert. We all took a plate (full) for a shared lunch. I wonder how many hundreds of turbans we made. So as you can appreciate this brought back many wonderful memories. And I never dreamt I would be in the position to actually see some at their final place.
.........which leads me on to Rocket Science. Now one of the many things The Scot needs to do is to check his temperature daily. Also if he feels he may have a fever. Now our Medicine Cabinet consists of a small size blue ice cream container. With bandaids, Savlon, headache tablets, antihistamine cream and mouth ulcer cream. And that's your lot. We are not a family prone to
looking for sickness. So I had to buy a thermometer. How things have changed, I couldn't see one like the old mercury ones I knew of old. So home I come with this up to date DIGITAL one.
Now is it our years, or are things made difficult on purpose. But we just can't get it to take the
temperature. So I will have to go back to the nice little boy, whoops sorry I mean ... very pleasant, helpful, knows his job pharmastist, who looks young enough to be my grandson. To either buy a new one,because this one doesn't work or to get one on one instructions on how to work it.

Gosh this old age sucks. But as my Doctor says.... it sure beats the alternative.
Off to bed now after a long hard day, where we have two quilts and the electric blanket on, and The Scot is snoring his little head off. Lets hope he sleeps the night and we don't need to take his temperature.


Elaine Adair said...

Good to hear from you. Best of whatever is to be delivered to dear H, the Scot.

catsmum said...

wishing him a good outcome and you whatever reserves you need to cope with all this

Anonymous said...

What a nice story about the turbans.

The Scot is very lucky to have you. All the best.

gwensmom said...

I'm glad the Scot can sleep well. I hope you do too.

TracyLovesScrappyQuilts said...

All the best to The Scot with this treatment. I hope it is easy on him(and you!) Thanks also for your advice on quilting my spring quilt, I think stippling will work. All the best:)

Molly said...

Hope whatever treatment the Scot needs goes well for both of you. As for the turbans---what goes around comes around! Hugs to both of you.....

meggie said...

Best wishes to you both for this. Hope all goes well with treatment, & hope your strength holds up.

Ali Honey said...

Sending you both Good Wishes for the desired outcome to the treatment.

We sometimes have people wearing colourful turbans while working in our Orchard....but not because they have cold heads.

Try and keep smiling my dears.

Lindi said...

I hope the Scot has an easy time with his treatments, Sheila, and it all works beautifully for him. Hugs to both of you.

jane said...

Take care of that special if you wouldn't. Sneak in a hug from me and good smooth travelling.