Tuesday, February 12, 2008


.....TUESDAY and the sun is shinning.

Thank you for all your concern about my poor rocket ship, but I am fine really. Just a blue patch, you know like we all get now and then, but it was nice to know
that you were concerned.
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I have now finished the fourth block of my folded flowers and sashiko quilt. I am really pleased with this block. Starting at top left and moving clockwise. there are parts of block 4 that I don't like, the funny brown leaf at the top, and also I am not too keen on block 3.
So I think a minor alteration, and possibly leaving out the one I dont like. Then join them and do sashiko stitching in between.

This would give a long thin wallhanging, or I could do a block completely of sashiko stitching and the blue dragonfly needs to be restitched in cream.
I think the sashiko stitching needs to join up with something so possibly plain green fabric with sashiko design melting into the blocks.

ummm will leave it on the design wall and ponder. These things mustn't be rushed.

There are a zillion other projects needing attention, No 1 Son's Fishes Wallhanging needs to see the light of day again.


Julie said...

Love reading your blog! You always have great stories!
I TAG YOU! read the rules on my blog and have fun with it!

Anne Marie said...

Beautiful quilt, so delicate looking!!

Lindi said...

That's lovely, Sheila. I want to have a go at folded flowers and sashiko one day. Maybe that's something you could do on an ATC!

gwensmom said...

These are so gorgeous! My fav is the top left panel. It looks like a pink version of some Guara in my flowerbed.

Elaine Adair said...

Glad the sun is shining over your roof!

riseoutofme said...

Isn't the sun wonderful?

How it changes things when it decides to shine.

Molly said...

Sorry you've been feeling down Birdy. Hope the clouds have lifted. Your sashiko blocks are beautiful. I agree though that the brown leaf is a jarring note and should go.....

Sooziii said...

Love the sashiko but also not keen on the brown leaf. Not keen on block 3 either doesn't seem as delicate as the others so maybe thats why.

It will make a beautiful wall hanging Birdie, well done!!

judicreations said...

This is beautiful. I love how delicate and colourful it is. What a lovely wall piece it would make.