Saturday, February 23, 2008


Even tho things are a bit hairy around here at the moment. I seem to be on a roll with my ATCs.

Have corrected the error on the printed back, and the stitching is going well.
At the moment mine are hand stitched, I will venture into machine creativity when life settles a little.

This is the first one of the 2nd set. I know I should have finished all the 1st set first. But I just had this idea and wanted to try it. The back will be the same as Set 1 but will have a blue background.

Set 3 and 4 are already in my head, but I will endeavour to finish 1 & 2 first.

They do seem to create a lot of mess in the sewing room, but I mean how can I find the materials I want, without having all the containers out.

As soon as I have completed ones I will mail to those who requested.


Lindi said...

You're going really well! Love the elephant, too.

Barbara said...

how your new blog outfit too...
HUGS Barbara

Anonymous said...

I love your ATC's, I am really struggling with mine.

I tagged you. Details on my blog (blame Lindi, she tagged me). LOL

meggie said...

I love that pink elephant!

gwen said...

The pink elephant is just lovely. I can only congratulate on your first ATCs.
I put timtex at the back of mine and do a wider dense zigzag stitch around to finish them. It looks cool in variegated thread. I wish you ideas in the dozens in your new hobby. Take care.