Thursday, February 21, 2008


There is still plenty of life happening here in the Cavern but I think I have now got over my blues, even tho we have other hurdles to cross.

I procrastinated for about a year on these Artist Trading Cards, hereinafter referred to as
ATC's. Thanks to Lindi, Sooziii and Sarah suggesting ways and means I am on a roll. This is my 1st finished one. The colour is not the best, as I am having troubles with the camera. But you get the idea.

They are to be 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches. I am so inspired that I plan to do them in sets of 6. Which is 5 to swap and 1 to keep.

So if you would like to swap, or would like one drop me a comment or email.
I even have my next two themes planned, hows that for inspiration.


we have passionfruit

in fact zillions of passionfruit.

The Scot loves them. We only have two plants but they are so productive.

Here you see him making ice cubes so hopefully we will have some throughout the Winter months.
The Scot reckons the cubes don't taste as nice as the fresh ones. But I mean just how many can you eat in a day.
By the way, there is another container full behind the kitchen door. And zillions more waiting to drop.

I am going to a Quilting Gathering on Saturday so I hope the ladies there will take some off my hands.

and don't you just hate it............
when you read and check, read and check, even read and check again
you find a mistake
I have left the au out of my blog url: on the reverse of my ACT.
what a bummer.

Maybe this could become a Collector's Item when I am famous. !!!!!!!!!!


Lindi said...

The ATCs look great, Sheila! I'll definitely swap.
Yummy looking passionfruit. I have to pay $2 to get 3 of them here at the moment and they certainly aren't as nice as home grown ones.

Molly said...

Sounds like figs in spring at my house!We have a vine, but no fruit from it yet. Wish i could take some off your hasnds!

Elaine Adair said...

So darned nice to see a man in the kitchen! I am jealous. And now that I think of it, I don't even know what a passion fruit is?

Blogging is so, so ... educational.

Thanks for the photo.

meggie said...

We had a wonderful passionfruit vine... until Gom beheaded it!
I gave a lot to the neighbours.
Your ATC is very nice! I don't think I need another hobby just at present. I am only just getting my sewing mojo to work again!

Jane aka Glenice said...

Oh dem passionfruits. I think I planted one, not a ned kelly for a change to see what would happen but I think what happened is the drought and death.....seems to be the story of my garden. There is a permanent umbrella over this part of Melbourne.

But I had a lovely passionfruit brulee at a dinner party on Sat night. Two little pots, one the brulee, which was like a passionfruit custard with brown sugar under griller, on top.
Another pot of a choc mouse..and a heart of pav, mini one, with raspberries and cream.
Unfortunately ...being a guest...I really had to eat it! Vbg.

aykayem said...

what .au ... I didn't think blogger URLs had a .au, or a .anything else, on the end - I get to your blog using the same URL as on those ATCs in the picture ... but I am sure here has been at least one time when I have been typing my blog URL into an e-mail or something and had to delete .au because my fingers had automatically put one there, because the daydreaming half of my brain must have thought I was typing my work e-addy (which does have an .au on the end) LOL
btw - what a pity you can't send passionfruit by e-mail - LOL
(if you find a way to do it, tell me how you did it and I will e-mail you back a slice of the pavlova I will make to put it on!)