Thursday, February 28, 2008

I have put Comments onto Temporarily being moderated.

Please continue to leave a comment if your feel like it, and I will publish it as soon as I have approved it.

This is to let the very small stupid handful of critters know that I have the means and patience to overcome their stupid comments. Go get yourselves something worthwhile to do.

I have the patience believe you me, I was once the Mother of 3 teenage children.
Be warned.


Lindi said...

I've seen a few around. I left comments mod on from the start and I will continue to do so, methinks.

Pennie & David said...

Way to go... you tell them Shelia! I've never had stupid comments but I did get an awful lot of spam draft posts on my old blog which nobody I've ever spoken to has had! Weird and Sad really isn't it.

meggie said...

Sorry to read of your problems.
It seems to be prevalent at present.