Sunday, February 17, 2008


Now why didn't any one tell me that I had the foundation pattern reversed. I thought I was being clever and using The Electric Quilt programme on the computer, drew and then printed the foundation pattern. Only to find that it was reversed. Yes it took me quite some time to work out what was wrong.

Yesterday was spent foundation pieceing (thats why there was no entry) I think I stitched every which way, too short , too long, the wrong side to flip. But I was determined not to give up. So with some very friendly internet help from my blogging friend Elaine (do have a look at her site, she does the most fantastic work). and is so obliging with her help.

The Scot kept saying, oh still doing that, but I was determined not to ask for help (I knew he wouldn't understand what I was about). But I was not going to give up.

So I proudly present the five blocks ready to swap for this month.
Tomorrow I will do next months, can I cope with all this planning ahead, but I must get the
method into my mind whilst it is fresh

The idea is, a different colour each month. You make six, keep one swap five. And by the end of the year well on the way to a quilt.

After having accomplished the above and having them ready to post tomorrow, I decided to make some ATC or Artist Trading Cards. (Not to mention that Australia was playing India in the Cricket). I have wanted to make some for some time but never quite found the courage.

These are hand stitched. I sill have the backs to do which will have my name, date and country stitched on.

  • Apparently the only rules are
  • size 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches
  • 3 layers
  • cannot be bought or sold only SWAPPED.

So two questions

  • 1. What can I put in the centre to make them stiff

  • 2. If anyone would like to swap with me, please email me with their snail mail address and I will be happy to trade.

But do remember these are my first ones.


Lindi said...

I'll trade, Sheila. For first ones, they look pretty damn good.
To stiffen the centres, I use timtex or a type of buchram.

Sooziii said...

Birdie you can use buckram or something similar Although on all of mine I just use a lightweight card, and lightweight batting. Never had any problem quilting through the three layers but I do use a fresh needle and dump it when I have finished.
Love your first effort it is better than mine was! I had to stuff my first one in the "WOMBAT" box.

gwensmom said...

Wow your ATC is beautiful! Any heavy iron on interfacing will help keep it stiff. Your blocks look great too.

I got the quilt and was so happy that it was from you! I blogged about it- go see!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Birdy. Your blocks are wonderful, I am so glad you're in the swap. I would love to swap an ATC with you.