Saturday, January 05, 2008


This is my first week as a Scatterdaisy. I can't seem to get the link in the side bar to work. But not to worry by next week it will be up and running. Find out about Scatterdaisies @

Not too sure if I am doing this correctly. But hey lets learn as we go.

The Letter is V.
Well I can't go far wrong with that photo. .

A Car Part. This was difficult, but I think I have covered this twice in the one photo.
Vic Roads Licence Sticker. I do rather like the Victorian one. Vin Number.

The Kitchen.This was very difficult from an Undomesticated Goddess. As The Scot still has trouble with his oesophagus. I told him if he drank the Vegetable Juice, I wouldn't make him eat his veggies.

The Office. I haven't worked for goodness knows how long, in an office. But I am sure every Office has a Computer and they all should have a Virus Protector and a Virus Vault.



riseoutofme said...

Love the name scatterdaisies!

Off to investigate!

Pennie & David said...

Welcome to Scatterdays and what a terrific collection of photos.

Michelle Watters said...

Well done Sheila - very clever. Hope you enjoyed your first go.

Kate said...

Welcome to Scatterdays! Great choices.

Liz Needle said...

What a brilliant start. Some ideas there I would have died for. Let's hope you keep this brilliance up.

Dy said...

Welcome to Scatterday! Great choices, particularly Virus protector, something every office should have!

Lindi said...

Welcome to Scatterdays, Sheila! Isn't it fun? You've done extremely well. Virus protector and virus vault are certainly original. Never thought of them, and V8, well all I linked that to was car. Your car choice is unique too. You're good at this!